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From this position, several hundred feet into the swampy area, Trail Source built this structure for nature lovers to experience swans, geese, native plants and other parts of nature close up!


Minnesota valley Nature refuge

Trail Source installed the boardwalk in an area reserved for the swans, geese and other inhabitants of the marshland area. Mother Nature is not going to be disturbed by your walk out to the viewing platform. Take your time and enjoy every moment as you see and hear swans, geese, ducks and so much more while on this boardwalk! Trail Source has the professional experience of getting the job done in areas that appear not be accessible to others. Contact Hunter Rust and find out how Trail Source can meet your needs today! More information about the Minnesota Nature Refuge: Find More

Minnesota Valley Nature Refuge

Mother Nature Access

Walk out into the marsh without getting your feet wet


Trail Source places you in mother nature

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