This section of the beautiful Superior Hiking Trail is up close to nature in Northern Minnesota. This section of the trail is located between Lake County Road 6 and Lake County Road 7 near Finland, Minnesota. The boardwalk was installed by Trail Source.

Trail Source Building Trails Sustainably

Hunter Rust and crew of Trail Source replace a section of boardwalk on the Superior Hiking Trail

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Superior hiking trail - northeastern Minnesota

The Superior Hiking Trail is approximately 310-miles of hiking trail in Northeastern Minnesota. The trail gives hikers a panoramic view of Lake Superior through most of the trail. Also traveling through forests of cedar, aspen, birch, pine and fir trees the Superior Hiking Trails provides hikers the opportunity to experience nature in all it's splendor. The Superior Hiking Trail Association maintains and promotes this trail for your safe enjoyment of hiking in Minnesota. Trail Source is proud to be part of the maintenance of the trail for all users! Please check out our work while you enjoy the hike! Say hello to the beaver family, one of whom stepped out of the house for a quick photograph, below.

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Trail Source Building Trails Sustainably

the Trail source difference

Trail Source replaced the existing boardwalk next to the beaver dam hikers of the Superior Hiking Trail have come to love! Our work kept the beavers happy and their dam in place throughout the replacement process. We go the extra mile in preserving the nature on trails we work on! Hunter Rust and crew are happy to serve you! Give us a call today!

The trail source difference

We replaced approximately 440' of the existing planks that hikers used on this section of the the Superior Hiking Trail! We think it makes the hiker's and beavers safer as they experience one another! Contact us to learn more about our commitment to building sustainable trails for nature and you!

Photographs of the rebuilt superior hiking trail

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